Targeted treatment pathways

As an innovative biopharmaceutical company, we partner, raise awareness and broaden scientific exchange around testing to improve patient outcomes.

Through science, and partnership, we work with other experts in diagnostics and genetics to improve lab-to-diagnosis procedures; and ultimately help more patients be quickly and appropriately diagnosed and treated, so the right therapy matches the right patient.

Personalised healthcare: transforming the way we use medicine

At AstraZeneca, personalised healthcare is about matching medicines to the patients most likely to benefit from them.

The approach involves a detailed understanding of the biology of a disease, identifying biomarkers and developing tests, known as companion diagnostics, which doctors can use to identify who is most likely to respond to treatment with a targeted therapy.

To learn more about some of the targeted treatment pathways AstraZeneca is working in, please visit our dedicated websites.

Partnering in personalised healthcare

Personalised healthcare is at the heart of AstraZeneca’s approach to discovering and developing medicines, because we believe in the value it can deliver. This is reflected in our pipeline, with approximately 80% of our programmes benefiting from a personalised healthcare or biomarker platform. Our personalised healthcare and biomarker team follows the science and would look to collaborate with a wide range of expert partners to identify, validate and manufacture diagnostics to regulatory standards, and for innovative biomarker capabilities.

Areas of interest include:

  • Methodology for patient selection
  • Disease identification
  • Pharmacological assessment
  • Drug response monitoring

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