Harriet joined One Nucleus (formerly ERBI) as CEO in February 2009. She previously worked as a Diplomat with the British Foreign Office for 21 years serving in over 17 countries around the globe. Half her career was spent in the commercial field, latterly heading UK Trade & Investments national life sciences trade team for over 5 years. During her varied Foreign Office career she was Deputy Ambassador three times, Private Secretary to the Minister for Europe, led an evacuation of Brits out of the Congo and worked in Khymer Rouge territory with Scotland Yard on a hostage crisis. She now enjoys a calmer life in the UK!

She was attracted to the role at One Nucleus because she wanted to spend time helping companies maximise their competitiveness and to lead a team which already had an excellent reputation. Since her arrival at One Nucleus, the company has redefined its membership (now life science and healthcare, not only biotech), formed strong and strategic relations with like-minded US counterparts for the benefit of members and merged ERBI with London Biotechnology Network to enhance the offer to members and create a stronger critical mass on the international stage.
One Nucleus is an international membership organisation for life science and healthcare companies, based in Cambridge and London. A not for profit company, it is the largest of its kind in Europe by some way with over 470 members including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies and associated technical and commercial service providers.

The One Nucleus mission is to maximise the global competitiveness of its members. For their science and technology-based members, this means being global leaders in the research, development and commercialisation of healthcare innovations that radically improve the quality of people’s lives around the world. For their business and professional services members, it means delivering exceptional services that significantly enhance the business performance of their clients.
One Nucleus offers a range of benefits including major networking events and conferences, the largest training programme for the sector in the UK, the strongest Purchasing Consortium in the UK (saving members over £4 million per annum) and benefits for members in accessing the US, via deals Harriet has signed with the four major cluster organisations in the US – MassBIO, MassMedic, BayBIO and BIOCOM. These see One Nucleus members afforded help with a ‘soft landing’ in the US by these organisations, discounts on their events and speaking and pitching opportunities – benefits that are reciprocated by One Nucleus to the US members. Truly international, One Nucleus has recently attracted members from as far afield as Queensland Australia and Canada.

In 2014, Harriet became a British Business Ambassador for life sciences and healthcare at the invitation of the Prime Minister.