Lauren Drowley is an associate principal scientist and stem cell specialist at AstraZeneca in the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease area. Her current research is focused in cardiovascular regeneration where she is responsible for characterizing and developing relevant cell models and novel phenotypic assay development. In addition, she is involved in characterisation of adult and iPS-derived stem cell populations across species and understanding the biology in various drug projects, as well as in-house and external assessment of new potential drug targets. She received her PhD from University of Pittsburgh where she focused on stem cell transplantation for myocardial infarct repair, examining methods to improve efficacy. During her postdoctoral work at AstraZeneca, Dr. Drowley developed a high content imaging assay for brown fat differentiation from adipose stem cells and muscle progenitor cells for diabetes/obesity indications and examined the role of micro RNA in differentiation of muscle cells. She is also serving on the industrial committee for the International Society for Stem Cell Research.