Making sense of cancer science with #SciencefromAtoZ

At the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) congress 2018, we will be using social media to make sense of cancer science. Throughout the meeting follow #SciencefromAtoZ on Twitter to access simple definitions and useful context that helps to explain the complex scientific language used by experts in the conference hall in Munich. With this approach, we aim to help make the valuable scientific conversations at ESMO and beyond more accessible to the broader cancer community that follows #ESMO18 online.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve had many conversations with oncologists, researchers and members of the patient community about how we can be good social media citizens. We heard how the cancer community uses social media to learn from conferences, from each other and how we as a company can ensure that when we speak we are adding value to their discussions.

  • At the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)Annual Meeting 2017, we responded to previous criticism of industry’s usual online congress practices by pledging to be a better social media citizen – to tweet less, listen more and not use paid tweets, helping to ensure that a range of perspectives could be heard online.
  • At ESMO Congress 2017, we interviewed experts to gain a better understanding of what the value of social media was at conferences and found that it opens up scientific conferences to expert and non-expert audiences worldwide.
  • At the ASCO Annual Meeting 2018, we shared content to support scientific literacy by translating scientific concepts into simpler language so that anyone can understand them.

We learned that as a science-driven company we should take a step back, ensuring that we listen rather than speak across people on the conference hashtag. Furthermore, when we do speak, we should use our experience translating complex scientific ideas to help bridge the gaps between different types of audiences with different knowledge levels. In other words, we should focus on what we do best, explaining our science.

With #SciencefromAtoZ we hope to continue expanding the accessibility of scientific knowledge from the conference hall to everyone. We understand we are only voice in the online cancer conversation but together we can help more people participate in these valuable conversations.

Join us in sharing an explanation of a cancer term that you think would help people better participate in online discussions at the ESMO Congress 2018 or explain a scientific concept that you wish people understood using the hashtag #SciencefromAtoZ. By collaborating in this way, we can help build connections between experts and the online community who could benefit from their knowledge so that everyone benefits.

Veeva ID: Z4-13248

Date of prep: 12/10/2018

Date of expiry: 12/10/2020