The importance of the environment in global health

We put the planet at the heart of human health.

To improve global health, we have taken a step back and considered one common global factor – the environment. At AstraZeneca, we are united by our desire to push the boundaries of science to enhance the health of people while protecting the health of the planet. We consider not only how a medicine can benefit individuals, but also how we can have a positive impact on the world by operating as a sustainable business, through long-term environmental considerations.

Since 2011, we continue to aim to reduce environmental impacts on human health and the natural world, using innovative science to find new ways to conserve our natural resources and ensure the environmental safety of our products. Our efforts have made significant impacts, securing our position on the CDP Climate A list and Water A list, the second year running, for our actions and disclosures on climate change and water stewardship.

Our current targets, set using 2015 baselines, will guide us through to 2025, ensuring we continue to constantly minimise the environmental impacts of our products.

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