Improving health is one of the toughest challenges facing the world today. As a global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca has a key contribution to make through the discovery, development, manufacturing and commercialization of medicines for six important areas of healthcare: cancer, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, infection, neuroscience, respiratory and inflammation.

AstraZeneca is active in Ghana, represented by a small but very dynamic team of Sales and marketing personnel. Over the years, AstraZeneca has maintained an enviable position as one of the most respected pharmaceutical companies in the country.

AstraZeneca has been known to more as a partner in the healthcare fraternity, adding value to delivery of healthcare through not only providing good quality medicines, but also at the forefront of bringing knowledge to the doorstep of all categories of healthcare personnel.

The introduction of “ Greatminds” a platform which allows sharing of knowledge cutting across all kinds of therapeutic areas as well as subjects like medical ethics , the use of technology such as webcast and video streaming are some of the very innovative platforms through which AstraZeneca in Ghana is helping dissemination of current knowledge in the area of healthcare across healthcare personnel.

In Ghana, AstraZeneca has over the years contributed to advancement of patient centred care though its collaboration with various health care organizations and fraternities.

AstraZeneca has launched Enidaso, a local word meaning hope. This project aims to spearhead a holistic approach to Breast cancer and prostate cancer care, spanning from awareness creation, training of healthcare personnel right through to improving access to medicines.

AstraZeneca in Ghana has been successful at bringing new molecules to the Ghanaian market at same timelines as the global launches in the more sophisticated market.

It is the leader by example when it comes to marketing pharmaceutical whiles demonstrating very high ethical standards.


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