AstraZeneca in Cambridge

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Where science thrives

Our new facility – in the centre of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) – will be an open, welcoming and vibrant centre that will inspire our team and our partners to push the boundaries of scientific innovation.

About AstraZeneca in Cambridge

Our global headquarters moved to Cambridge in May 2016.

Since then, we have delivered a multitude of collaborations with our academic, healthcare and research partners to make life-changing discoveries.   

For example, our drug discovery scientists are working with Microsoft to use a cloud-based simulation tool that brings alive the millions of potential changes that make cancer cells multiply uncontrollably, to better understand the disease.

Similarly, scientists from AstraZeneca and Cancer Research UK are working together to discover and develop novel biologics to treat cancer. Together they are working on a novel target associated with leukaemia and recently started an exciting project looking at the best drug combinations to treat pancreatic cancer.

And a novel agreement is also in place that will give researchers from the University of Cambridge access to key compounds from our drugs pipeline.

Once completed, more than 2,000 AstraZeneca R&D science jobs will be on the CBC site, delivering more knowledge sharing, skills and expertise – and ultimately for pushing the boundaries of science.

Bringing together world-class capabilities

Our new Cambridge site will bring together small molecule and biologics research and development activity across our main focus areas. It will also be home to a wide range of leading scientific capabilities, including:

Strengthening our Cambridge presence

We are building on our proud heritage in Cambridge. More than two thousand AstraZeneca employees are already based in the city and working to build strong connections within the local scientific community.

Our other Cambridge facilities

High quality lab and office facilities to accommodate our growing presence in the city