Sustainability at AstraZeneca

For AstraZeneca, sustainability is about being part of a healthy society and a healthy planet.


At AstraZeneca, we want to be valued and trusted by our stakeholders as a source of great medicines over the long term. Sustainability means operating in a way that recognises the interconnection between business growth, the needs of society and the limitations of our planet.

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our new sustainability strategy, ‘Securing our Future’, drives our enhanced efforts, sets a clear path for the years ahead and identifies ambitious commitments and targets. Our sustainability commitments are driven by our Purpose and Values and underpin our business model to support the delivery of our business strategy.

As we look ahead to pursuing our science-led strategy in the years up to 2025, we have identified three priority areas. We want to ensure that we broaden access to healthcare, minimise our environmental footprint, and ensure ethics and transparency underpin everything we do.

Learn more about our new sustainability strategy from our EVP and VP of Sustainability.


Our three priorities

Sustainability at a glance

Highlights from our Sustainability Update 2016

Access to healthcare

4.8 million

patients screened for hypertension as part of our Healthy Heart Africa programme

Highest climber

from 15th in 2014 to 7th in 2016 in the Access to Medicine Foundation global index

$10 million

five-year global public-private partnership with the US President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR)

Environmental protection


cut in emissions down to 1,657 ktCO2e since 2015, exceeding our target for 2016

CDP A-list ranking

for climate change and water stewardship


our sourcing of certified zero carbon power from renewable sources to 445 Megawatt hours (MWh) since 2015

Ethics and transparency


of active employees received training on our Code of Conduct


the Davos Declaration on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance

$16.5 million

worth of AstraZeneca counterfeit and illegal medicines seized

Sustainability Foundations

Beyond our three priorities, we will continue to ensure strong performance in core areas such as: diversity; human rights; work place health and safety; product quality and security; community investment; and publicpolicyand advocacy.

For more information on our Sustainability Foundations see our Sustainability update.

For information specific to Community Investment see here.


Good governance is crucial to ensuring we are well managed and can deliver our strategic priorities, while meeting stakeholder expectations. Our commitment to growing our business in a sustainable way also helps us protect our licence to operate, attract and retain talent, manage risk and, most importantly, deliver life-changing medicines to patients.

Sustainability framework

Click here to find out how our sustainability framework guides the way we operate.

Click here for our Annual Report assurance statement.

Our Code of Ethics and policies

Our Code of Ethics sets out the ethical standards we expect of everyone who works at AstraZeneca and, along with our global policies, how these are to be translated into consistent actions worldwide.

Our Global Standard Expectations of Third Parties communicates our expected ethical standards for external partners.