STEM at AstraZeneca

What is STEM at AstraZeneca?

As a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca seeks to leverage our reach, scale and expertise to effect real change in our communities and society. To continue transforming the lives of millions of patients around the world, we support the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers through contribution to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) curriculum provided to current students and practitioners. Download our STEM 2020 Annual Report to learn more about our STEM commitment and initiatives.

Our stories

Generation Health: How Science Powers Us

Launched in 2019 in the United States, the now global Generation Health: How Science Powers Us programme was developed in partnership with Learning Undefeated™ and Discovery Education™, with the mutual goals of inspiring the next generation about science. Through the programme, we aim to elevate and explain the science underpinning the prevention and treatment of disease by providing hands-on, standards-aligned STEM learning activities. Students age 11-13 investigate both preventative measures and innovative solutions to key health concerns in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

In addition to providing a suite of educational resources, Generation Health programming includes Learning Undefeated’s Drop Anywhere Labs, custom-outfitted STEM learning spaces built from modified shipping containers. These easy to transport, inexpensive labs provide a range of career and skills education for young school students, as well as flexible in-classroom resources that empower teachers and enables them to serve up to four classes simultaneously. Since its launch, the program has served thousands of students.

The ‘Ask A Scientist’ Video Series

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted gaps in STEM education that could no longer be ignored, but also provided an opportunity to rewrite the rules of what STEM education could look like. In our 'Ask a Scientist' video series, our employees break down complex science underpinning the research that will lead to the next wave of innovative medicines. In these videos, we’ve stripped out the jargon to create bite-sized content accessible to people of any age and background. Our ambition is to create a new model for making research accessible – and to encourage everyone to be a champion of science.

Press play on the video to see our latest instalment. Click here to watch the whole series and subscribe to our channel to be alerted when a new video is posted.

UK STEM Outreach Programme

We have more than 100 registered STEM Ambassadors spanning our R&D and manufacturing sites across the United Kingdom. Our volunteers support our AZ STEM programme and provide assistance for their own children’s schools with STEM clubs, mentoring and introductory career presentations.

The STEM Outreach programme aims to support grassroots activities in local schools, including the Cambridge Academy of Science & Technology, as well as developing partnerships with local organisations.

Sweden STEM Outreach Programme

In Sweden, we partner with local schools as part of our Future Scientist Project (Framtidens Forskare). In addition to touring our Gothenburg campus students are invited into labs to understand how we turn molecules into medicines – and to hear about the variety of career paths that STEM education can support.

In collaboration with Young Researchers (Unga Forskare) and Mentor Sweden, AstraZeneca supports high school students with school visits and individual mentoring. By organising STEM activities throughout the school year, Science4Future and the AstraZeneca Research School encourage students to explore their curiosity and to consider a future in STEM.

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