Collaboration: central to our success

Our purpose is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. We can’t do this alone, so our way of working is inclusive, open and collaborative. We aim to create mutually beneficial partnerships founded on trust and transparency.

Areas of partnering interest

Partnering contacts

Secrets to successful partnering

Why partner with AstraZeneca?

Who we partner with

We partner with academia, governments, peer companies, biotechs, scientific organisations and patient groups to access the best science, stimulate innovation and accelerate delivery of new medicines to target unmet medical need.


From pre-clinical through to commercialisation

From pre-clinical research collaborations through to late-stage development and commercialisation, we’re looking for partners with cutting-edge technologies that can help enhance the quality, effectiveness and productivity of our research and translational capabilities across our main therapy areas. Our areas of interest also include precision medicine and genomics, artificial intelligence and digital capabilities.

The path to a successful collaboration

Our business development activity takes many forms

Collaborations, in-licensing and acquisitions

with peer companies, biotechs and academia to enhance our portfolio and pipeline in our main therapy areas.


Out-licensing and divestment of medicines

that sit outside our main therapy areas and mature brands that can be deployed better by a partner. This allows us to maximise the value of our assets while ensuring patients have access to these medicines.

Product collaborations

sharpen our focus on developing key assets within our main therapy areas by helping us access external therapy area expertise and increasing the reach of medicines in which we maintain an ongoing interest outside our main therapy areas.

Precision medicine collaborations

to help target our innovative medicines to those patients most likely to benefit.


Joint research centres

with leading academic institutes across the globe.


CoSolve Open Innovation Challenge

Sharing real challenges facing our drug discovery and development teams today. We want to find bold innovators, particularly from start-ups and early-stage biotechs, to work with us to help solve them.


How we evaluate potential collaborations

We assess all projects against our ‘5Rs’ framework to ensure we take forward the most attractive opportunities, regardless of source. This also enables us to provide consistent, objective feedback to potential partners.

Watch our videos: 'Secrets to successful partnering'

Identifying the right partner and the initial business case

Getting the deal done – from negotiation to signing and completion 

Our Alliance & Integration Management team is engaged throughout the deal process. Gaining an early understanding of the strategic, operational and cultural fit between us and our partners helps us structure the partnership governance to be as effective as possible from the start. It also helps to build trust, transparency and strong relationships at all levels.

Our Alliance & Integration Management team members are highly experienced professionals with different backgrounds, which enables us to bring the optimal skill-set to any collaboration. A dedicated member of our Alliance & Integration Management team is assigned during the evaluation stage and remains your key contact throughout the collaboration.

Based on our work across a wide range of complex business and scientific collaborations, we have developed industry-leading processes and tools that ensure smooth and efficient interactions.

In acquisitions, divestments and spinoffs, our Alliance & Integration Management team acts as the central hub for key functional areas across the business, ensuring an efficient integration or transition of the products involved.


Due diligence: a critical step in the business development process

Ensuring partnership success through post-deal management 

Partnering in Precision Medicine

Partnering through Open Innovation

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Date of Prep: Sept 2020