AstraZeneca, a leading science-led biopharmaceutical company with almost 40 years history in Thailand

AstraZeneca is the COVID-19 vaccine maker who has chosen Thailand to be a local manufacturer for vaccine supply in Southeast Asia countries. It has been operating in Thailand for almost 40 years, innovating and distributing many medicines and co-initiating many campaigns that go so much beyond treatments.

Global: a network dedicated to medications

AstraZeneca emerged in 1999 upon a merger of Sweden’s Astra AB and the British Zeneca Group. AstraZeneca today runs with more than 76,000 employees in 26 operational offices across 16 countries. Based in Cambridge, UK, the company has three strategic R&D centres in Cambridge, UK; Gothenburg, Sweden; and Gaithersburg in Maryland, USA, and global R&D centres in San Francisco and Boston, USA; Osaka, Japan; and Shanghai, China. The company entered the Thailand market in 1983 by the name of Astra AB before becoming AstraZeneca Thailand upon the merger. Today it has over 270 employees in Thailand.

Science-led: Innovative healthcare solutions 

Committed to helping people overcome world-threatening NCDs[1], AstraZeneca focuses on leadership in three main therapy areas: Oncology; Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism (CVRM); and Respiratory, Immunology and Infectious Disease (RIID) in AstraZeneca Thailand. The area included the COVID-19 vaccine, used by billion doses in more than 170 countries worldwide. We are committed to developing new medicines for better outcomes and affordability. Under AstraZeneca Thailand, we have more than 20 medicines in our portfolio.  

Partnerships: Creating patient centric solutions to improve health outcomes

With our sustainability ambition, we thrive to enhance access to healthcare, environmental protection, and ethics and transparency in the communities across the world through several collaborative projects with partnerships, including 

Healthy Lung’: A programme is started to look into the unmet needs in respiratory diseases including asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and even lung cancer.

The Lung Ambition Alliance’: The global coalition initiated to understand better how the disease evolves, develop advanced therapeutic techniques, and ultimately empower and enable patients to live longer and better lives. The alliance is formed by four distinct international organizations, including AstraZeneca with partners across disciplines in over 50 countries, including Thailand.

Young Health Programme’: A global programme with a unique focus on young people age 10 to 24 and prevention of the most common non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

New Normal Same Cancer’: A programme that raises awareness regarding the impact of COVID-19 on cancer care and calls for patients to contact their doctor and return to cancer care services.

‘Early CKD screening’: The project aims to raise awareness of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) related to Diabetes and also support earlier screening and detection among Diabetes patients. Diabetes patients are at risk of developing CKD. Early detection of CKD will help healthcare professionals and patients well prevent and manage the diseases. That would improve patients’ quality of life. 

‘AZPAP’ - Patient Affordability Programme: It is designed to introduce new solutions to broaden access and help to qualify people who are having trouble affording their AstraZeneca medications.

Never stop transforming care: growth through innovation

Digital transformation is key to our delivery of better healthcare solutions. Cutting-edge digital tools have been adopted to help us run effectively and resiliently, particularly in COVID-19 time. Committed to advancing our scientific knowledge to extend the possible, we are collaborating for success with over 700 collaborations worldwide, including ‘Scaling Healthcare Through Innovation’, our partnership with Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency or DEPA.

In addition, the company has  a network of ‘Health Innovation Hubs’ that put us at the centre of interaction between the patient, medicine, technology, healthcare professionals and policymakers to reimagine how we can improve patient outcomes.

Commitment to be a Great Place to Work

We foster life-long learning and development culture and are committed to our employees’ wellbeing. AstraZeneca Thailand is proud to be recognized as a 2021 Top Employer in Thailand and a 2021 regional Top Employer in the Asia Pacific by the Top Employers Institute. At AstraZeneca, Being a Great Place to Work is our top priority. We value innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion, working as an enterprise team, ‘What science can do’ and our value is ‘Doing the Right Thing’.

James Teague, Country President, AstraZeneca (Thailand) Ltd., said: The novel COVID-19 pandemic has drastically redefined the value of healthcare innovations. While AstraZeneca is proud to be part of the global milestone in vaccine advancements, we are committed to being there for patients with health challenges besides COVID-19. This is why we never stop pushing the boundaries of science to accelerate the delivery of life-changing medicines that create enduring value for patients and society.

AstraZeneca (LSE/STO/Nasdaq: AZN) is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialisation of prescription medicines in Oncology, Rare Diseases and BioPharmaceuticals, including Cardiovascular, Renal & Metabolism, and Respiratory & Immunology. Based in Cambridge, UK, AstraZeneca operates in over 100 countries and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. Please visit and follow the Company on Twitter @AstraZeneca.

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