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Annual General Meeting

AstraZeneca holds its Annual General Meeting each year in London during April. The Notice of AGM will usually be sent to shareholders a month in advance and will be posted on the shareholder information page at the same time.

Investor resources

Corporate governance

We apply all the main and supporting principles of good corporate governance in the UK Corporate Governance code and related guidance.


On this page you can read more about our dividends.

Directors' shareholdings

Our Directors’ Remuneration Report, which can be found in our Annual Report, includes information on our Directors’ shareholdings.

Share registration information

Our share registration information can be found on the Shareholder information page.

Share fraud warning

A ‘Boiler Room’ fraud may take different forms but typically involves the use of high-pressure sales techniques and the promise of opportunities that appear too good to be true. Shareholders may be targeted by unsolicited phone calls or correspondence from ‘brokers’ who are often based overseas concerning investments and promising high financial returns.

Please read more at the ‘Share fraud warning’ tab on the Investor FAQ page.

  • Annual Reports

    Our Annual Report provides a wide range of information about our global business.

  • Our Pipeline

    Our pipeline forms a robust portfolio of investigational therapies in varied stages of clinical development

  • Shareholder FAQs

    Answers to frequently asked shareholder questions.