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Annual Report and Form 20-F
Information 2019


Strategic overview

In 2018, we achieved a significant milestone by returning to Product Sales growth. In 2019, we refreshed our strategy to focus on what comes next, and where we want our business to be in 2025. Our strategy reflects ideas which we crowdsourced from our employees and is underpinned by the initiatives outlined below which are intended to accelerate delivery of our strategy.


Chairman & CEO


Financial Highlights

2019 generated accelerating Product Sales growth from outstanding New Medicine uptake, driving an increase to Core Operating profit.

Revenue and Cash

Total Revenue*                                   
Up 10% at actual rate of exchange to $24,384 million (up 13% at CER), comprising Product Sales of $23,565 million (up 12%; 15% at CER) and Collaboration Revenue of $819 million (down 21%; 20% at CER)


Net cash flow from operating activities
Up 13% at actual rate of exchange to $2,969 million                                   



// Denotes a scale break. All bar chart scales start from zero. We use a scale break where charts of a different magnitude, but the same unit of measurement, are presented alongside each other.

*Total Revenue consists of Product Sales and Collaboration Revenue.


Operating profit

Reported operating profit
Down 14% at actual rate of exchange to $2,924 million (down 16% at CER)


Core operating profit
Up 13% at actual rate of exchange to $6,436 million (up 13% at CER)         



Reported EPS
Down 40% at actual rate of exchange to $1.03 (down 44% at CER)


Core EPS
Up 1% at actual rate of exchange to $3.50 (0% at CER)                             



At a Glance

We are a global, science-led, patient-focused, pharmaceutical company. We have transformed our pipeline and returned to growth. As a result of continued pipeline delivery and commercial execution, we are now entering a new stage in our journey.

Product Sales

Total Product Sales


2018: $21,049m
2017: $20,152m


By therapeutic area

By geography





of our senior roles are filled by women


manuscripts published by our scientists in high-impact peer-reviewed journals


employees with PhDs

Distributions to shareholders



2018: $3,484m
2017: $3,519m

Proceeds from issue of shares1


2018: $(34)m
2017: $(43)m



2018: $3,450m
2017: $3,476m

 1. In April 2019, the Company completed a placing of 44,386,214 new Ordinary Shares of $0.25 each in the Company.

Therapy Area Highlights



At AstraZeneca, health is our business and our contribution to society. How we operate supports sustainable ecosystems for healthcare that benefit people and our planet through science-based innovation.

Our aspiration is for the future to be healthy and that we are an active participant for a healthy society, planet and business. Our pioneering medicines touch the lives of millions of people so it is a business imperative that we are partners and activists for solutions to global health. At the heart of our sustainability approach is access to healthcare and its connection to environmental protection, and ethics and transparency.

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