Pascal Soriot ranked one of UK’s top CEOs by Glassdoor

Award based on reviews of 17,000 companies submitted by former and current employees

Pascal Soriot has been recognised as one of the top CEOs in 2019 in the UK by Glassdoor. Out of the 17,000 companies in the UK considered by Glassdoor, Pascal ranked 22nd and was the highest-ranked CEO of any pharmaceutical company.  

This Glassdoor 2019 Employees’ Choice Award is significant because it reflects the perspective of AstraZeneca’s former and current employees who took the time to complete a review of our company on Glassdoor and, in doing so, gave Pascal an approval rating of 95%​.  

Overall, AstraZeneca is rated very highly on Glassdoor, particularly in terms of culture and opportunities for growth and development. Over the past year, AstraZeneca has continued to see an increase in employee reviews of our company, with improvements in all areas of ranking, most notably the ranking of our Senior Management (10% increase) and business outlook (15% increase).  

Glassdoor, one of the world’s leading recruitment websites, determined the awards based on anonymous company reviews by former and current employees that were submitted throughout the course of a year. When submitting a Glassdoor review, employees share their experience of our company environment and culture and are asked to rate a variety of workplace factors, including whether they approve, disapprove or are neutral about the job their CEO is doing. Potential future hires often use these reviews when researching employers.

Pascal’s award, and the improvement in our ratings, are examples of the progress that we are making to be a great place to work in line with our strategy. Notably, they show strong employee belief in the leadership of Pascal and the Senior Executive Team, as well as the strategy and direction that has been set for the company.  

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