Definition of Core Financial Measures

Monday, 12 November 2012

Definition of Core Financial Measures will change with effect from Q1 2013

As previously announced, with effect from first quarter results 2013, AstraZeneca PLC will update its definition of Core financial measures to exclude all intangible asset amortisation charges and impairments, except those for IS-related intangibles. As intangibles acquired as a result of externalisation become an increasing proportion of the Group’s asset base, the new definition has been extended to provide better clarity of the impact from amortisation and impairment charges included in Reported results and, in addition, while recognising that non-GAAP measures differ between companies, it will aid comparability of our results versus our peers.

The items excluded from Core results under the previous definition as disclosed in detail on page 84 of our Annual Report and Form 20-F Information 2011 remain a constituent part of the new definition.

These excluded certain significant items, such as charges and provisions related to our global restructuring programmes, amortisation and impairment of the significant intangibles relating to our acquisition of MedImmune Inc. in 2007 and our exit arrangements with Merck in the US, and other specified items.

Detailed, un-audited reconciliations between the current Reported basis, the previously disclosed Core basis and the newly defined Core basis for the full-year 2011, first nine months of 2012 and each of the quarters to Q3 2012 are set out below. These are presented as the full reconciliation back to Reported performance, as management believe a full understanding of the performance is best obtained by reviewing both Reported and Core performance. Reported performance remains a key metric for management in reviewing the performance of the Group.

Adjustments between reported and core performance

Amortisation and impairments of intangible assets. The definition of this item has been updated to include all amortisation and impairment charges for intangible assets excluding IS-related assets. Adjusting for these items removes the volatility when impairments are booked on such assets and is intended to provide a better measure of underlying business performance. It has been extended to cover all amortisation and impairments relating to product marketing and distribution rights and other intangibles, incorporating those already excluded under the current definition relating to our acquisition of MedImmune Inc. and our exit arrangements with Merck. The amortisation and impairment of IS-related intangibles are not included in the adjustment, and will remain in core.

Restructuring costs. The definition for this item has not been changed. These charges arise from the major restructuring programmes as separately announced by the Group, and will include the remainder of the third phase of restructuring announced in February 2012.

Legal charges and other charges. The definition for this item has not been changed. Legal payments, charges and expenses related to settlements, judgments and fines in the context of product liability litigation, anti-trust litigation, patent litigation and government investigations will be excluded from the Core measures and the adjustment will be stated net of related insurance recoveries. In the ordinary course, external legal professional fees, including those relating to intellectual property protection costs, and the costs of AstraZeneca's in-house legal function will remain in Core. Professional fees directly attributable to AstraZeneca’s significant acquisitions and other significant business combination activity will continue be excluded from Core. Other specified items deemed not to be in the ordinary course of business will continue to be excluded from Core.

Tax on adjustments. The definition for this item has not been changed. The Group’s Reported effective tax rate, adjusted for significant one-off items embedded within that rate, is applied to all taxable Core adjustments. This approach is unchanged.


Reference document includes reconciliations between the current Reported basis, the previously disclosed Core basis and the newly defined Core basis for the full-year 2011, first nine months of 2012 and each of the quarters to Q3 2012.

AZN Core Financial Measures (PDF 162kb)



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