Our actions in response to the Russia-Ukraine war

11 March 2022

AstraZeneca has a long legacy of saving and improving lives around the world, and we remain committed to doing so. We are shocked by the invasion of Ukraine and condemn the unprovoked attacks. Our priority goes to our employees, patients, refugees and all those impacted by this tragedy. In line with our purpose as a healthcare company, we are doing everything possible to ensure patients can continue to access our essential and life-saving medicines.

Protecting the safety and wellbeing of our employees

We have 200 people in our Ukraine team and are providing all practical support possible to ensure their wellbeing, physical and financial security. This includes:

  • Providing additional financial support.
  • Setting up advice and emotional support services for employees and their families.
  • Rolling out virtual online sessions for employees’ children to maintain educational activities. 
  • Helping those now in neighbouring countries, such as providing temporary accommodation for our team members and their families.

Supply of medicines

Patients rely on our essential and life-saving medicines, and it is more urgent than ever that medical supply chains continue to operate, enabling health systems and workers to deliver essential care. To this end, we are:

  • Taking all required measures to ensure an uninterrupted supply of our essential and life-saving medicines to all patients in need.
  • Supporting ongoing treatment at settlement sites and working with the governments to address the influx of patients in surrounding countries. This includes working with the EU on the continued provision of care for any Ukrainian refugees now residing in member states.
  • Working together with the wider healthcare community, to ensure sanctions do not impact the supply of medicines to patients in need.

As far as clinical trials in Russia are concerned, we are not starting any new trials at this time and have paused enrolment of new patients into existing studies.

We are not planning any new investments in Russia.

Contributing to humanitarian relief efforts

We continue to provide urgent humanitarian support in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. To date, we have committed over $10 million to response efforts, including donations of:

  • Twenty-four pallets of medicines, worth $3 million, to our humanitarian relief partner Direct Relief, which is working directly with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health.
  • $2 million to support relief agencies working in Ukraine, Poland and surrounding areas with a focus on providing healthcare and humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict. Funding is being provided to Project HOPE, working with and through the World Health Organization, and International Medical Corps.
  • Medicines via The Red Cross affiliates in neighbouring countries to respond to the unfolding refugee crisis.
  • >$1 million to UNICEF and The Red Cross, including over $500k of employee donations, which AstraZeneca is matching.