Our Values and behaviours

How we enable our people to make a difference.

At AstraZeneca we are driven by our purpose to push the boundaries of science and deliver life-changing medicines.

Within the infinite opportunities of What Science Can Do, our Values and behaviours guide and inspire us to make a difference to patients and society. 

Our Values

Our Values were created by all of us. Our first ever online global crowdsourcing
event called Culture Jam in 2014 got over 20,000 responses.

We used that conversation to shape and agree our five Values. They determine
how we work together and the behaviours that are integral to our drive for success.

Our Values guide our decision making, define our beliefs and foster
a strong AstraZeneca culture.

Our behaviours

Our behaviours were defined collaboratively as part of planning the next phase
of our journey. Together, we thought about the way we work and what makes
us successful at AstraZeneca.

Our behaviours align to our Values and are designed to be applicable to
everyone in our company – across every role and geography. 

How we bring these to life

At AstraZeneca, we celebrate people who live and breathe our Values and behaviours. These are some of their stories. 

Unlocking innovation through lifelong learning

In today’s fast-changing world, we believe in being determined to make the right choices to win. That’s what drives us to seize opportunities to learn and grow and be ready to embrace the challenges ahead.

Discover how we empower people to develop their knowledge and capabilities every day at AstraZeneca.

Inspiring confidence and capability through coaching and feedforward

Recognising that we can make the biggest possible difference to patients and society by performing at our best is what’s behind coaching and feedforward at AstraZeneca. They’re part of how we guide and support our people to take accountability for our actions, the success of others and the organisation.

Find out how coaching and feedforward is inspiring confidence and growth in our teams.

Why an inclusive culture and leveraging the strength and diversity of our people is fundamental to our success

Building high performing, inclusive and diverse teams that collaborate across the enterprise is part of how live our Value of playing to win.

Find out how empowering, inclusive leadership helps us to unlock the potential in each other. 

Pushing the boundaries of science through curiosity 

We nurture curious minds and a thirst for knowledge. That’s how we’ll continue to deliver transformative outcomes for patients and society.

Hear what else one of our colleagues had to say about curiosity and how it has helped to shape his career path at AstraZeneca.