Inhaled therapies to target respiratory disease

Anticalin® proteins are based on human lipocalins – a family of proteins that normally transport small molecules such as steroids and lipids within the body. They are a promising new class of next generation therapeutics.

Anticalin proteins are smaller than conventional protein or antibody therapeutics and offer the potential for greater penetration into target tissues and delivery through non-injectable routes such as inhalation. Inhaled delivery of Anticalin proteins directly to the lungs, for example, could potentially improve patient convenience and tolerability, and enable use of lower doses compared to systemically administered antibodies.

Anticalin proteins are an exciting next generation therapeutic with the potential to offer a new targeted treatment option for patients.

Maria Belvisi SVP and Head of Research and Early Development, Respiratory & Immunology, BioPharmaceuticals R&D

We are collaborating on several programmes with Pieris Pharmaceuticals to drive forward progress on these novel biopharmaceuticals. Pieris brings expertise through its proprietary Anticalin protein libraries and protein engineering capabilities, creating a diverse portfolio of therapeutic candidates against desired targets in respiratory disease. In parallel, our researchers are building on our strong scientific capabilities in inhaled formulation technologies to support the development and delivery of these proteins as a potential new treatment options for patients.

The lead molecule is an engineered Anticalin protein designed to bind to the interleukin-4 receptor alpha and block the action of two key cytokines responsible for lung inflammation in asthma. It is currently in clinical development.

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