Disease prevention and treatment

What is Disease prevention and treatment at AstraZeneca?

Company activities aimed at preventing the onset and progression of diseases (including non-communicable diseases).

Our approach

With healthcare as our core business, we seek to prevent disease and support people on their path to better health. We do this through health promotion, advocacy and research. For those who have been diagnosed with a condition, we strive to ensure access to effective treatment. 

Our work focuses on:

  • Concentrating our portfolio on our three main therapy areas: oncology; cardiovascular, renal and metabolic diseases; and respiratory diseases
  • Being patient centric — our longstanding commitment to patients has led us to reimagine our patient-focused ways of working. We embed it across every aspect of our company to deliver the healthcare experience and outcomes people care about most so they can enjoy fulfilling lives
  • Breaking down cultural barriers to improve treatment adherence
  • Collaborating with experts at leading organisations to better understand diseases and accelerate drug development


Disease prevention and treatment is closely related to other areas of our sustainability strategy. Investments in health systems and Workforce wellbeing and safety both feature prevention initiatives.

Our key target and progress

See the Sustainability Data Summary for all metrics and methodology.

Our stories

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