Talent and workforce evolution

What is Talent and workforce evolution at AstraZeneca?

Company efforts to foster a lifelong learning organisation, form the best teams, facilitate agile ways of working, upskill and reskill current employees, and engage and prepare all employees for digitalisation and automation.


Our approach

We are committed to hiring and promoting talent ethically and in compliance with applicable laws. Our Code of Ethics and its supporting standards are designed to help protect against discrimination on any grounds (including disability). Our Code covers recruitment and selection, performance management, career development and promotion, transfer, training, retraining (including retraining, if needed, for people who have become disabled) and reward.

We aim to make AstraZeneca the employer of choice in the pharmaceutical industry and attract top talent across all industries. We want to ensure our employees are prepared and empowered to face changes in technology, and we strive to provide the work environment and opportunities they need to thrive. We invest in the ongoing development of our workforce through professional and technical training, and we enhance this through leadership, mentorship and job-rotation programmes across the organisation.


Our targets and progress

Our stories

Passion for people development

Following the successful launch in 2017 of ‘Leading People’, a social online learning platform aimed at managers, in 2018 ‘Leading Self’ was rolled out across the organisation, aimed at employees below manager level. Over 5,400 employees have accessed this innovative, social online learning experience. In 2018, we piloted our middle-manager programme ‘Leading Business’, connecting 100 managers from all areas and regions of the company to develop their leadership capability. We continue to see a positive impact from these experiences in engagement and retention measures.


Programmes to engage emerging talent

We strive to attract emerging talent by investing in internships and recruitment opportunities globally. For example, we conduct a global programme to hire recent graduates for pharmaceutical technology and development, procurement, quality, engineering, IT, supply chain, and biometrics and information sciences functions. We also have a graduate programme for R&D, which complements our established Innovative Medicines and Early Development (IMED) post-doctorate programme for researcher recruitment. Additionally, we offer a 12-week internship opportunity for business school students to contribute to key initiatives in our oncology therapeutic area.

Research hub for sustainable production inaugurated

In January 2018, AstraZeneca Södertälje’s site inaugurated the Södertälje Science Park and the new campus for the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The new arena will host 1,200 students and researchers in the engineering sciences and more specifically in sustainable production. The science park is a prime location for sparking innovations, as it is a physical location and meeting point to facilitate close collaborations between companies, academia and society. Business needs will be closely linked with education, research and development projects. Projects will take place between companies, students, researchers and entrepreneurs, which will build a strong local competence centre.

Our production units in Södertälje are very important for AstraZeneca’s supply of medicines to patients around the world. What they do should influence other parts of our global production network.