Talent and workforce evolution

What is Talent and workforce evolution at AstraZeneca?

Company efforts to foster a lifelong learning organisation, form the best teams, facilitate agile ways of working, upskill and reskill current employees, and engage and prepare all employees for digitalisation and automation.

Our approach

We want to ensure our 70,600 employees are prepared and empowered to face changes in technology, and we strive to provide the work environment and opportunities they need to thrive. Our People strategy supports our strategic priority of being a Great Place to Work, and is built on three pillars:

1. Performing as an enterprise team

2. Developing a culture of lifelong learning

3. Champions of inclusion and diversity

Our targets and progress

Our stories

Building a culture of lifelong learning

In 2019, we continued to provide learning opportunities for our employees, from those joining at the start of their career to our most senior and experienced leaders. We have also built several tools and resources to set the standard for upskilling our managers across AstraZeneca, for example, our Manager Essentials course is now available in 10 languages.

In 2020, we will focus on transformational learning tools and content to reinvent our learning ecosystem. Our employees will have access to a more personalised, mobile learning experience across more devices. We will continue to develop our leaders of today and tomorrow including through new global programmes such as Leading Enterprise and updated programmes such as Leading Business. We will also be building our capabilities across learning agility, digital literacy and coaching, to provide opportunities for our employees to reach their full potential through a new global online Digital Hub.

Tapping into our internal gig economy

In 2017 we launched plan100, an innovative programme that embraces the future of work by tapping into our own internal gig economy to match high potential talent to projects across the globe. Through plan100, our people take on global development opportunities whilst optimising best practice sharing across countries, building core capabilities and our succession pipeline. People are nominated to the projects where their skills are needed most, thus providing managers with the advanced capabilities they need.

In 2019, plan100 expanded to include several more business units enabling cross-functional expertise sharing. The global sharing of talent continues to promote diversity in our organisation, enriching our working environments with the new ideas and fresh perspectives that evolve through a more open and inclusive workplace. Here are our results:


people matched


grew into a bigger role


improved their succession readiness

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