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Här nedan hittar du de inköpsvillkor och krav på leverantörsfakturor som gäller hos AstraZeneca AB.


Allmänna Inköpsvillkor Material och Produkter 2016-9 v5 (PDF 94kb)

Sweden Allmänna Inköpsvillkor Entreprenad 2016-9 v4 (PDF 97kb)

Krav på leverantörsfakturor:

AstraZeneca AB Invoicing Guidelines January 2017 (Swedish) (PDF 1.2mb)

AstraZeneca AB Invoicing Guidelines January 2017 (PDF 1.2mb)

Information om gåvor och erbjudanden riktade till anställda på AstraZeneca AB:

Policy för affärsuppförande (PDF 86kb)

Business Conduct Policy (PDF 47kb)


UK Standard Terms and Conditions

Download Terms & Conditions (PDF 188kb)

UK Marketing Company

Download Terms & Conditions (PDF 242kb)

Other UK Terms and Conditions

Contract Reference Contract Title
October 2012
Marketing Services (AZS1.01d) (PDF 176kb)
 AZE 1.01b
November 2005
Design Contractors Appointment (PDF 281kb)
AZE 1.02b
November 2005
Engineer Procure and Construct (PDF 373kb)
AZE 1.03b
November 2005
Work Package Contracts (PDF 381kb)
 AZE 1.04b
November 2005
Minor Works (PDF 449kb)
AZE 1.05b
November 2005
Maintenance Service & Repair (PDF 254kb)
 AZE 1.06b
November 2005
Consultants Appointment (PDF 252kb)
December 2008 Global Plant Equipment (PDF 293kb)
 AZE 3.01b
November 2005
Hire and or erection of Scaffolding (PDF 245kb)
 AZE 3.02b
November 2005
Plant Hire (PDF 261kb)
 AZE 3.03b
November 2005
Hire Agency supplied workers (contract only) (PDF 203kb)



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  • These documents will be updated from time to time. If you print a hard copy for reference please refer to this site for the latest revisions for all future contracts.