Transforming treatment for billions of people living with chronic diseases

Written by:

Mene Pangalos,

EVP BioPharmaceuticals R&D

Ruud Dobber,

EVP, BioPharmaceuticals Business Unit 

Every day around the world billions of people are trying to balance living their lives with the limits of living with chronic diseases. For all these people, we endeavour to transform healthcare, change their lives for the better and address some of the biggest healthcare challenges facing humankind. 

Life without limits

More than 1.5 billion people around the world live with chronic diseases. That equates to one in every five people. These diseases, which include cardiovascular, renal, metabolic, respiratory and immunological conditions, are leading causes of death across the globe, collectively responsible for approximately 24 million deaths each year. 

And this trend is only set to continue – the top five causes of death globally by 2040 are predicted to include​ cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, chronic kidney disease and diabetes.

As more people develop these progressive conditions, not only does the rate of personal suffering increase, but so does the cost of care. In the next decade alone, $47 trillion is expected to be spent managing chronic diseases.

Our ambition in BioPharmaceuticals is to stop the progression of these often degenerative, debilitating and life-threatening conditions, achieve remission and one day, cure them.

We believe we will achieve this through our talented teams and partners using scientific, medical and commercial innovation.

Transforming healthcare through innovation

Our science is already starting to change the trajectory of care across chronic diseases. To continue to create the greatest and swiftest impact on disease, we are dedicated to enhancing disease understanding, broadening our therapeutic platforms, better predicting clinical outcomes and pioneering new approaches in the clinic. 

We are also transforming how we bring products to market while delivering innovative healthcare solutions and commercial strategies that further unlock the potential of our medicines. Working with patients, caregivers, advocacy groups, healthcare professionals, health systems, policy makers and more, we are pioneering new approaches along the entire continuum of care, including advanced disease management platforms and initiatives to ensure broad and equitable access to treatment.

All our work in BioPharmaceuticals is underpinned and empowered by digital technologies, data and AI. By harnessing these technologies, we are already making extraordinary advances. 

Enabling the best people to help shape the future of healthcare

We know our people are key to realising our ambition, and we are committed to fostering a business and culture that attracts and retains the best, most talented and passionate people, and provides them with ample opportunity, resources and support to develop, grow and live up to their potential.

By having a clear vision combined with a unified approach, we are confident in our ability to push the boundaries and go beyond the ordinary to help improve billions of lives. So everyone with chronic diseases can live a life without limits.

If you believe in the power of what science can do and want to help us change the lives of billions of people for the better and address some of the biggest healthcare challenges facing humankind, join us:



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