Supporting networking and collaboration across the Life Science sector

We have set up the ‘AstraZeneca Exchange’ events as opportunities to bring together representatives from across the life science community in two of our strategic R&D hubs; Gothenburg, Sweden and Cambridge, UK.

The events are designed to offer discussion, knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities for our sector. They aim to explore some of the key issues we face and foster a greater level of collaboration across industry, biotech, academia and the public sector.


Our global headquarters moved to Cambridge in May 2016, building on our proud Medimmune heritage in the city. Over 2,500 AstraZeneca and MedImmune employees are already based in Cambridge and working to build strong connections within the local scientific community.

As a member of the Cambridge cluster and life-science ecosystem, we work with other organisations to ensure the significant economic and innovation of the cluster has the potential to grow its global competitiveness.

Since our move to Cambridge, we have delivered over 130 collaborations with our academic, healthcare and research partners to make life-changing discoveries.

The AstraZeneca Exchange Cambridge 2018 event was held on 21 June 2018. The 2019 event will take place on 3 July at the Cambridge Judge Business School.

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AstraZeneca Gothenburg is home to approximately 2,400 AstraZeneca employees, with expertise and capabilities across all areas of pharmaceutical development: from discovery science to the finished medicines used in clinical trials and ultimately by patients. Through our Gothenburg site we have strong links to important hospitals and research institutions in Sweden, across the Nordic region and beyond

The AstraZeneca Exchange Gothenburg 2018 event was held on 29 May 2018. The 2019 event is scheduled for 14 May.

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Collaborate with us

We partner with like-minded science-led organisations that share an unrelenting focus on scientific quality, smart risk-taking, and good decision-making. 

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