Supporting networking and collaboration across the Life Science sector

We have set up the ‘AstraZeneca Exchange’ events as opportunities to bring together representatives from across the life science community in two of our strategic R&D hubs; Gothenburg, Sweden and Cambridge, UK.

The events are designed to offer discussion, knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities for our sector. They aim to explore some of the key issues we face and foster a greater level of collaboration across industry, biotech, academia and the public sector.


Our global headquarters moved to Cambridge in May 2016, building on our proud MedImmune heritage in the city. Over 3,000 AstraZeneca employees are already based in Cambridge and working to build strong connections within the local scientific community.

As a member of the Cambridge cluster and life-science ecosystem, we work with other organisations to ensure the significant economic and innovation of the cluster has the potential to grow its global competitiveness.

Since our move to Cambridge, we have delivered over 140 scientific collaborations with University of Cambridge alone, as well as with other healthcare and research partners to make life-changing discoveries.

On 3 July 2019, we welcomed over 100 representatives from across the local biotech community to Cambridge Judge Business School for the AstraZeneca Exchange 2019 event, hosted by BBC Science and Technology correspondent Richard Westcott. The theme for the event was ‘The Cambridge biotech ecosystem – past, present and future.


Our R&D centre in Gothenburg, Sweden plays a central role in AstraZeneca’s mission to deliver life-changing medicines to patients.  With more than 2,400 employees from 50 countries, the vibrant Gothenburg site helps to support the entire life-cycle of AstraZeneca medicines, from drug discovery and clinical trials, to global commercialisation and product maintenance. As part of our unique culture of collaboration and open innovation, our Gothenburg teams partner with industry, biotech, academia, and the public sector in the Nordic region and across the globe to push the boundaries of science.

On 14 May 2019, AstraZeneca Gothenburg welcomed more than 200 representatives from the Nordic life science community to our AstraZeneca Exchange 2019 event, hosted by journalist Lennart Ekdal, to discuss “What is the future of life science in Sweden?” We will now carry this conversation forward throughout the year as we focus on the strengths of and challenges facing Sweden’s life science sector. Please click here to watch and share a video about this topic, featuring many of the speakers and participants from the 2019 Exchange event.

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