AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine: European Union supply commitment

AstraZeneca is committed to delivering billions of doses of its COVID-19 vaccine across the globe – just nine months since the company first partnered with the University of Oxford to develop and manufacture a safe and effective vaccine that we could supply in a broad, equitable, and timely way at no profit during the pandemic. This includes an agreement with the European Commission to supply up to 400 million doses, starting in early 2021 should we receive regulatory approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), with tens of millions of doses due to be supplied in February and March.

We understand and share in the frustration that initial supply volumes of our vaccine delivered to the European Union will be lower than forecast. This is mainly due to lower than anticipated production yield impacting the number of doses produced per batch. We continue to work with our supply partners to optimise this process to ensure the vaccine is produced at the scale and pace required, while retaining the highest quality standards.

To produce billions of doses of a vaccine for countries around the world, we have built more than a dozen regional supply chains, collaborating with over 20 supply partners in more than 15 countries. Each supply chain was developed with input and investment from specific countries or international organisations based on the supply agreements, including our agreement with the European Commission. As each supply chain has been set up to meet the needs of a specific agreement, the vaccine produced from any supply chain is dedicated to the relevant countries or regions and makes use of local manufacturing wherever possible.

Thousands of our team at AstraZeneca and across our partners have been working around the clock since March 2020 to support the manufacturing of our vaccine. This is a biological process that relies on complex supply chains for raw materials and distributing the finished product, as well as on the yield returned from batches. And above everything, patient safety must always come first. We continue to strive for even greater efficiency at every stage of the process.

Vaccines play a key role in helping to accelerate the end of the pandemic and we are committed to doing everything we can to make our vaccine available for communities around the world as soon as possible.

Veeva ID: Z4-30441
Date of Preparation: January 2021