Inspiring future STEM leaders around the globe with AstraZeneca

At AstraZeneca, we know that quality science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education is essential to inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers who will achieve great things. This is why we advocate for students to pursue careers in STEM through compelling, interactive, educational events and programmes. In 2020, these programmes reached more than 1.25 million students and educators. Throughout 2021, we have continued to engage young people in STEM activities across the globe through inclusive, real-world opportunities. 

United Kingdom

We were a main sponsor of Cambridge Festival 2021, which hosted 364 online events for a global audience of more than 100,000 attendees from 170 countries across six continents. Historically an in-person event, Cambridge Festival offered a mix of science, humanities and arts activities virtually for the first time. AstraZeneca senior leaders participated in two online panels during which they discussed “Learnings from a pandemic: Accelerating the research and development of new medicines,” and “AI: Hype vs. Reality.”

UK AstraZeneca STEM colleagues developed and launched new STEM resources alongside teachers, students, AstraZeneca employees and STEM Ambassadors. These resources were created in alignment with STEM curriculums to support education. The materials were designed to help translate classroom topics, showcasing real-life examples of ‘what science can do’ across STEM industries. Our STEM Ambassadors are now delivering these resources to communities surrounding our R&D sites, and virtually across the globe.


We are a proud sponsor and partner of The International Science Festival (Vetenskapsfestivalen) in Gothenburg, Sweden, which celebrated their 25th anniversary this year. With hundreds of activities and 60,000 visitors every year, The International Science Festival is one of Europe’s most popular science events and the only one of its kind in Sweden. In 2021 the programme went virtual, enabling nearly 35,000 students ages four - 16 across Sweden to take part. In support of increasing students’ interest in STEM, we participated in the school programme, hosting three different interactive activities including “Make Your Own Lava Lamp” and “Creative Problem-Solving.” Students from various grade levels were also given the opportunity to ask questions to AstraZeneca team members. 

United States

Through our 2021 sponsorship of the USA Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF), we have reached thousands of students and educators across the world. At USASEF’s X-STEM All Access, a virtual science field trip for students aged eight – 12 that took place in April, former Chief Medical Officer Ann Taylor delivered the introduction to a segment called “Exploring Our Minds,” and shared inspirational words with future scientists about working in STEM. That same month at the Inspire Educators Workshop series, a program that provides STEM curriculum help to teachers, our presence encouraged educators to incorporate AstraZeneca’s flagship programme Generation Health into their classrooms. A dynamic middle school course providing hands-on STEM learning activities, the Generation Health program reached one million students worldwide in its first year.

Learn more about our STEM programmes in our STEM Annual Report


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