I lead AstraZeneca’s late-stage oncology portfolio of innovative medicines and immunotherapies through global clinical development and regulatory submissions.

In my role, I oversee a team of clinical development and operations colleagues around the world, who are currently responsible for a broad portfolio of potential medicines, and more than 150 studies spanning multiple indications.

Our work at AstraZeneca is among the most exciting in my 20 years in cancer research. We have a rich and growing oncology pipeline including both new molecular entities and currently marketed therapies that have the potential to address unmet needs in many hard-to-treat cancers. Every day, we are pushing the boundaries of science and challenging the status quo to deliver practice-changing medicines to redefine the treatment of cancer.

Before joining AstraZeneca, I held a variety of clinical development leadership roles at Pfizer and at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Over the last several years, I have lectured extensively on topics including immunotherapy clinical trials, breast cancer and clinical development of PI3K inhibitors. I have published on a wide range of cancer topics, authoring 50 peer-reviewed papers and more than 100 conference abstracts. I have also generated several patents for cancer treatment combinations and regimens.

A medical oncologist by training, I earned my medical degree from Marche Polytechnic University and received medical oncology training at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Kaplan Comprehensive Cancer Center and the European Institute of Oncology.

We have the potential to disrupt cancer treatment paradigms in multiple tumours. For patients, this means new medicines that could transform their lives and potentially one day find a cure. This work is what has driven my career as a medical oncologist.

Cristian Massacesi Senior Vice-President, Head of Late Stage Development Oncology, AstraZeneca


2008-2014: Several Novartis awards including President’s Award, Vision Award and Region Europe Award


1999: Italian League Against Cancer’s Leonida Gennarelli Grant


1998: A. Girombelli Prize for Best Oncology Dissertation

Headshot of Dr. Cristian Massacesi, Senior Vice President, Head of Late Stage Development Oncology at AstraZeneca


Senior Vice-President, Head of Late Stage Development Oncology, AstraZeneca

2017 - 2019

Led multiple development programs and submissions with small molecule and immunotherapy in lung cancer, head and neck cancer, haematological malignancies and innovative combinations as Vice-President, Medicine Team Leader, Oncology for Pfizer

2010 - 2017

Held increasing levels of responsibility in Oncology Global Development at Novartis, most recent Vice-President, Senior Global Clinical Program Head. Led clinical development of the PI3Ki portfolio, including multiple submissions and registrational studies and headed the Immunotherapy Center of Excellence. Site head for a full-development group across functions and portfolio.

2008 - 2010

As Senior Global Clinical Leader at Novartis, led late-stage clinical development teams

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