IMED Biotech Unit

IMED Biotech Unit

We believe ground-breaking science can transform the lives of patients

IMED Biotech Unit

Our scientific advances are the result of our scientific rigour

As AstraZeneca’s research and early development biotech unit, our IMED team is turning science fiction into science fact, fuelling a pipeline of new molecules from early disease understanding and initial target selection to Phase II trial completion.

Truth-seeking curiosity and scientific rigour

Our scientific advances are the result of our scientific rigour – our unique 5R Framework: right target, right tissue, right safety, right patient, right commercial, ensures we put science first in everything we do.

Key skills and capabilities

Our ground-breaking research agenda brings together the brightest minds. We harness a unique mix of scientific skills and capabilities, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and a rich variety of expertise.

We pursue scientific breakthroughs to redefine medicine

Our leading scientists are redefining medical science in the quest for new and better ways to discover, test and accelerate novel drug candidates and to realise the potential of precision medicine to transform disease. We are determined to advance our understanding of disease biology to uncover novel drivers for the diseases we aim to treat, prevent and even cure.

As part of our effort to make every target druggable, we are diversifying our drug platforms to develop new therapies against an array of drug target classes. Around 30% of our programmes now explore new modalities and drug delivery devices.

We empower our people to make bold decisions

We open doors to fuel scientific discovery

Through our network of world-class scientists, we work collaboratively and open doors to fuel scientific discovery, deepening our understanding of disease and discovering the effects of novel drug candidates on individuals, so that in the future our medicines could be tailored to the specific needs of each person who needs them.


Turning science fiction into science fact

Our teams are never satisfied and continually look to the future. We give our scientists time for curiosity, enabling them to follow the science to the discoveries that will further improve our R&D success.