Access to healthcare

Providing access to healthcare for all those who need it is a significant and complex global challenge.

Everyone deserves access to medicines, regardless of where they live or how much money they have. Our mainstream operations already enable access to our medicines, but we are also making it easier for people to afford our medicines, especially in emerging and developing markets. In addition, we focus on strengthening healthcare capabilities, particularly in developing economies where the price of a medicine may not be the only barrier to healthcare. 

We believe that we can make the greatest contribution when our approach is commercially sustainable. It also requires a combined global effort, which is why many of our activities are underpinned by collaboration with a wide range of partners. Our efforts to improve affordability are particularly focused on the ability to pay based on disposable household income. We continue to grow our capabilities and build on the experience of wellbeing initiatives and patient access programmes, which provide discounts on our medicines and other patient services.

1 million

screenings for hypertension through Healthy Heart Africa

3.5 million

patients in emerging markets served by patient access programmes

1.4 million

young people engaged through the Young Health Programme since 2010

What we're doing

Our three-part approach

Our access to healthcare strategy sets out to:

  • Continue providing high-quality, effective and appropriate medicines to those who need them
  • Improve affordability, particularly focused on the ability to pay in emerging markets
  • Bring down healthcare barriers, particularly in developing countries.

Pricing and value

Effective medical treatments help lower healthcare costs by reducing the need for more expensive care and by preventing patients from developing more serious or debilitating diseases. Our global pricing policy provides the framework to ensure appropriate patient access, while optimising the profitability of all our products in a sustainable way. We currently run affordability projects in countries across Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and the US.

Early access to AstraZeneca investigational medicinal products

We recognise that there are circumstances where patients with serious or life-threatening diseases have exhausted all available therapeutic options and may not be eligible to enrol in one of our clinical trials. In such circumstances individual patients may be eligible for early access to an AstraZeneca investigational medicinal product.