Affordability and pricing

What is Affordability and pricing at AstraZeneca?

Drive accessibility of medicines for diverse, equitable and inclusive patient groups, through company policy and programming, including core pricing principles and access programmes.

Our approach

We take a broad approach to reflect the wide variation in global healthcare systems, working closely with payers, policymakers and non-governmental organisations to ensure access is both widespread and sustainable. A variety of approaches and programmes are tailored to address local needs, working together with local healthcare systems. These have the aim of both improving their resilience and supporting sustainable access to, and affordability of, healthcare.

Our medicines help address unmet medical needs, improve health and create economic benefits. Because each healthcare system is unique, with different healthcare costs, patient populations and societal priorities, the value of medicines in a particular healthcare system is also different. We believe that the price of a medicine should reflect its value, support sustainability, maximise patient access and provide flexibility to accommodate differences in global health systems and the economic realities for patients.

Progress highlights

Sustainability in action

Partnering with UHC2030
FazBem supporting patients in Brazil since 2008
Affordable genetic testing for ovarian cancer
Addressing barriers for severe asthma patients

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