Investments in health systems

What are Investments in health systems at AstraZeneca?

Company contributions to strengthening healthcare capabilities and infrastructure – particularly in developing and emerging markets – to facilitate access to healthcare and improved quality of healthcare and outcomes.

Our approach

We aim to understand how we can work most effectively and strengthen healthcare frameworks and capabilities while remaining culturally sensitive. We have teams dedicated to building relationships across the public, private and non-profit sectors to understand the healthcare needs of their communities. We work through local partnerships to build the capacity of healthcare systems to better respond to patient needs. Working with partners and healthcare professionals, we can provide education and screening to identify high-risk patients and establish systems to treat and monitor those patients.  

Our targets and progress

Our stories

Healthy Heart Africa reaches more patients

The Healthy Heart Africa (HHA) programme is committed to tackling hypertension and decreasing the burden of cardiovascular disease across Africa. The programme comprises four stages: patient education and awareness, screening, diagnosis and treatment/monitoring. It aims to reach 10 million people across Africa by 2025. We make branded medicines available at a significant discount, but one that enables us to implement a no-profit/no-loss business model. The programme was launched in Kenya in 2014 and Ethiopia in 2016. In 2018, HHA was launched in Tanzania, with a focus on integrating child and maternal health. We also continued our innovative public–private partnership with the US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to optimise the HIV/hypertension integration. Learn more about HHA here

Healthy Lung increases impact

Our Healthy Lung programme is designed to build local health systems to support the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases. This includes capacity building of healthcare professionals, medical infrastructure and policy advocacy. Healthy Lung was launched in 2017 in nine Asian countries. This year it expanded its reach by going into four new countries: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Mexico (see map below). Learn more here.

Phakamisa – partnerships for preventing cancer

In collaboration with the Cancer Association of South Africa and the Breast Health Foundation, we have trained 523 Phakamisa ‘Navigators’ – teams of volunteers and counsellors who go out into the community. To date, the initiative has reached over 1.48 million people, making it possible to identify over 5,800 malignant lumps and refer patients for treatment. We created an innovative app for our NGO partners to share and communicate patient screening data. Learn more about Phakamisa here.

Advancing access in Colombia

In countries with universal health coverage, AstraZeneca aims to be a partner for the healthcare system to optimise access to healthcare. For example, in Colombia, we offer patient adherence initiatives that benefit oncology patients across our whole portfolio. In 2018, we proposed risk sharing agreements, which are being discussed with the local health maintenance organisations, to help ensure that patient care is put first by the entire system. These agreements would include possible reimbursement of the cost of medicines over a specific period of time for the number of patients who present certain event recurrences above the defined target. We are also supporting the community through the peace process after 50 years of civil war. Taking into consideration the Colombian government’s and the British Embassy’s input, our employees are helping conflict surviving mothers and children rebuild their lives through digital literacy and health outreach efforts. Learn more here.

Supporting India’s healthcare development

AstraZeneca is investing $90 million over the next five years in India, as part of a joint declaration on innovation partnerships for a sustainable future between Sweden and India made in 2018. This investment will support scientific data generation, quality manufacturing, science talent development and collaborative development of innovative solutions to improve the standard of care for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in India. 

This commitment commemorates the 40th anniversary of AstraZeneca India. The investment will span across our diverse footprint in India with an aim to foster a strong business across our manufacturing, clinical operations, patient safety and regulatory science, IT services and commercial operations to address NCDs in India. The commitment also aligns with the Indian government’s initiatives to create a stronger business, innovation and healthcare environment.

Advocating for cancer patients in universal healthcare system

AstraZeneca Brazil has partnerships with patient associations and oncologists to drive outcomes for cancer patients and their families. As part of these partnerships, AstraZeneca Brazil has supported patients in advocating for their right to have access to precision medicine for oncology, for example genetic tests for mutations related to cancer, in the universal healthcare system. There was a public hearing held in the Senate in 2018 and in 2019 AstraZeneca Brazil will strive to help pass a law which would make precision medicine a right for universal healthcare patients.