Community Investment

Wherever we work in the world, we aim to make a positive impact on our local communities. We target our global community investment towards promoting healthcare in the community and supporting science-based education and careers. The main focus of our community investment strategy is our Young Health Programme, which addresses noncommunicable disease prevention. We also coordinate patient assistance programmes, support global disaster relief efforts and encourage our global workforce to take up volunteering opportunities that benefit local, national and global projects.

Areas of focus and support for community investment

Community investment contributions must generally aim to support one or more of the following AstraZeneca areas of focus for community investment:

The activities we support in these three focus areas include: initiatives that increase public understanding of a disease through health charities or patient groups with related expertise; promoting health and wellbeing, including support for preventive medicine and public health initiatives; supporting innovative programs aimed at preventing and managing chronic disease; addressing unmet health needs in under-served and un-served populations; supporting health-related research conducted by non-profit organisations as part of a wider community investment initiative and directed toward the public good; or encouraging science education among young people.