Pharmaceuticals in the environment

Poorly disposed-of medicines can have an impact on the environment. We aim to lead our industry in understanding and limiting the environmental effects of pharmaceuticals in the environment (PIE). As a minimum, we are committed to ensuring effective environmental management of our products from pre-launch through to end-of-life. We work with various organisations, including authorities and stakeholders across the supply chain, to raise public awareness of the safe disposal of medicines; one such example is the EU meds disposal campaign, #medsdisposal.

Our US business is conducting a pilot pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) collection scheme with a major distributor and innovative recycler. Patients will be given the opportunity to return used pMDIs for recovery and recycling of the plastics and metals they contain. The pilot, conducted over the first six months of 2018, will evaluate the overall success of this approach and help shape our future device sustainability strategy.