Ethical business practices

We want to be valued for the medicines we provide and trusted for the way we work. That means leading the industry by demonstrating ethical business practices and high levels of integrity in everything we do.

Human rights, safety and health, environmental protection and business ethics are core to AstraZeneca’s approach to sustainability. Our Code of Conduct sets out the commitments and ethical standards we expect of everyone who works at AstraZeneca, while our Global Standard Expectations of Third Parties document outlines our ethical standards for external partners.

We focus on two key areas to drive ethical business practices: driving and embedding a culture of compliance, ethics and integrity throughout the organisation; and monitoring and improving standards across our suppliers world wide. 

100% of employees

have completed our Code of Conduct training


sector-best score for Codes of Business Conduct category in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index


active supplier assessments completed using our third-party due diligence process

What we're doing


We are committed to driving and embedding a culture of ethics and integrity throughout the organisation, and delivering consistently high standards of sales and marketing practices. We only work with third parties who embrace ethical standards of behaviour that are consistent with our own.

In 2015, we updated our Ethical Interactions & Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption Policy to provide greater clarity and simplicity for the business. We received 326 reports of alleged compliance breaches or other ethical concerns through the Code of Conduct helpline.  

Working with suppliers

We are committed to meeting high ethical standards across all our procurement activities and decisions worldwide. We expect our third-party suppliers to meet the strict standards set out in our Global Standard Expectations of Third Parties.

In 2015, we focused on increasing our coverage of third-party activities, providing greater senior leader insight and ensuring quality and depth of compliance assessments. We conducted 61 supplier audits. Of suppliers, 35% met our expectations, with the remaining 65% developing and implementing action plans to ensure they will meet our expectations in the future.


AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business. We are one of only a handful of companies to span the entire life-cycle of a medicine from research and development to manufacturing and supply, and global commercialisation of primary care and specialty care medicines. AstraZeneca operates in over 100 countries and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.

Our business activities around the world incur a substantial amount and variety of business taxes. We pay corporate income taxes, customs duties, excise taxes, stamp duties, employment and many other business taxes in all jurisdictions where applicable. In addition, we collect and pay employee taxes and indirect taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT). The taxes we pay and collect represent a significant contribution to the countries and societies in which we operate.

AstraZeneca Tax Policy