Ethical business culture

What is Ethical business culture at AstraZeneca?

Company Values and norms, practices, standards and principles that guide the actions and behaviour of employees, including the Code of Ethics, and acting in an ethical manner that goes beyond compliance with policies and regulation. This applies across our company’s operations and our entire value chain. This issue includes bioethics (including animal welfare), anti-bribery and anti-corruption, data transparency, intellectual property, responsible lobbying, and responsible sales and marketing.

Our approach

Our Code of Ethics serves as our moral compass. Additional requirements at the local and business-unit level complement our Code. We know that setting rules is not enough — which is why we emphasise values-based decision making. We encourage our workforce to adopt a sustainability mindset that embraces our core Values.

We strive to model an ethical business culture by going above and beyond compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This includes fostering an environment where:

  • Employees make it safe for others to speak up 
  • Employees feel comfortable to speak their minds if they (i) have an idea or innovation to share; (ii) see behaviour that is not aligned with our Values 

In today's information-seeking society, our actions add more value by being visible. Transparency supports learning and development for our employees, suppliers and partners. It also meets expectations of patients, investors, and broader society. Here we share supplementary reports, stories and infographics to provide information in a number of formats to suit diverse stakeholder preferences.

Our key target and progress

See the Sustainability Data Summary for all metrics and methodology

Our stories

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