Drug modalities

Pioneering new approaches to drug discovery

Many future scientific breakthroughs will result from the use of new technologies. As a result, the medicines of tomorrow will be different from those of today. We are on a quest to transform and, ultimately, cure diseases.

To get there, we need to be able to target any novel biology we uncover. That’s why we are making our drug platforms more diverse, expanding beyond the traditional small molecules, monoclonal antibodies and peptides.

Advancements in biotechnology have expanded our toolkit of drug modalities. This provides an opportunity to design therapeutics for disease mechanisms previously considered difficult, if not impossible, to target and enables our scientists to pioneer new approaches to drug discovery.

IMED Biotech Unit

Working across a range of therapy areas, our teams in the IMED Biotech Unit are focused on translating the really cool science that is happening in our labs into the next generation of medicines that patients need.

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