Welcome to AstraZeneca Patient Reported Outcomes

AstraZeneca has developed a number of patient-reported instruments in various therapeutic areas including Respiratory, Cardiovascular (CV) and Gastrointestinal (GI).

Under each of the therapeutic areas you will find background information, relevant references and a sample of each instrument.

Instruments are ordered by going to the Order Instruments page.

Please note:

  • The sample is for view only and that it is prohibited to copy instruments displayed on this web site.
  • A license agreement is required before use of an instrument
  • AstraZeneca’s partner, RWS Life Sciences, administer all licenses.
  • Instruments are free of use for non-commercial users, e.g. academic research.
  • For commercial users a fee will be applied. 
  • Information regarding available language versions is provided by RWS Life Sciences.
  • RWS Life Sciences are also authorized as sole provider of additional translations.
  • All instruments will be emailed with a scoring manual and, if requested, a translation certificate.