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How do I obtain permission to use the instrument?

Permission to use any instrument from this website is obtained by completing the form on the order page, providing all necessary information including intended use of the instrument. The form will then be sent to RWS Life Sciences which is AZ preferred supplier and act on behalf of AZ for handle these requests.

What are the license fee costs?

For commercially-funded, industry-sponsored trials, the license fee is $2,500 USD per existing translation, plus an administrative fee. For academic non-commercial use AstraZeneca instruments are free.  However, you must still specify the intended use and sign a license agreement before permission to utilize the instruments can be granted.

Are the instruments available in languages other than English?

Validated versions of the instruments are available in a variety of languages. RWS will give support on what languages that are available per instrument.

If new translations is needed how to proceed?

RWS is the exclusive provider of translations for AstraZeneca’s instruments.  If you require translation that is not currently available, RWS will provide you with a quotation for development and validation of new translations.

Can I modify the instruments?

No.  Modification of the instruments is prohibited without the express written consent of AstraZeneca.

Can instruments be used in electronic (PDA, Tablet, Web) format?

Yes.  You must specify the device, vendor, or website-developer when you request to use an instrument electronically.  Screenshots must be approved by RWS Life Sciences and AstraZeneca before permission to utilize the instruments in these formats is permitted. Please note that not all instruments are validated in electronic format.

How do I score the instrument?

When you order an instrument on this website, RWS will send the scoring manual. Please follow the scoring instructions in the manual.

Reprinting instrument or instrument items in a publication?

Instrument or instrument items should not be reprinted in a publication. Please cite the appropriate reference for the instrument in the appendix.  Please inform RWS of any publications or abstracts resulting from the use of the instrument.

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