Natural resources

What are Natural resources at AstraZeneca?

Natural resources are essential to produce our medicines and operate our sites. We are committed to:

  • Reducing our impact on the planet through the efficient, circular use of water and other natural resources across the value chain to ensure responsible sourcing, consumption, production and disposal
  • Protecting and restoring ecosystems to improve health outcomes and tackle environmental drivers of disease, such as water and air quality, through our focus on water stewardship and biodiversity

Our approach

Our key targets aim to decouple water use and waste generation from business growth, supported by efficiency projects and our Product sustainability work. Integrating a circular mindset will help us to keep raw materials in use and design out waste and pollution. Minimising resource use and waste generation supports our goals to protect biodiversity and reduce Scope 3 emissions as part of Ambition Zero Carbon. As well as contributing to our work to tackle climate change, our AZ Forest commitment will bring many co-benefits, including developing more sustainable livelihoods, fostering biodiversity and building climate resilience.

We aim to integrate a circular economy approach across our value chain. We are leveraging our experience with Lean manufacturing, which includes tools to enhance efficiency and eliminate waste, to build a framework for employees to identify and implement ideas that contribute to our environmental targets.

Water is fundamental for all life and in our Water Stewardship position statement we outline our plans to positively contribute to water stewardship in the river basins where we operate.

Our key targets and progress

See the Sustainability Data Summary for all metrics and methodology.

Our stories

Wastewater reuse at Wuxi
Site water reduction initiative in Ireland
Switching to paper-based trays to reduce single use plastic

Improving the environmental impact of our lab operations
Zero Waste Certification

Learn more about Natural resources in our Sustainability Report.